INTA Balcarce, Buenos Aires Province

Saludos a todos!

I have begun the second phase of my studies in Argentina in the small city of Balcarce, near Mar del Plata on the Atlantic coast south of the capital Buenos Aires.  I am working with a team of scientists (Drs. Miguel Brizuela and Silvia Cid) at the INTA Balcarce station, and we are working together to discover how best to analyze the data I have collected from my site in NM, basing ideas off of the data analyses conducted on the sites in Corrientes and Buenos Aires provinces.  This team of scientists is looking to provide some opportunities for students who want to study abroad, perhaps an exchange between Ag students here and in the U.S.  There is an Agriculture campus here at the INTA station, part of Universidad del Mar del Plata, so there are many undergrad and grad students. 

I’m living in a house in Balcarce with 4 other grad students, 3 of whom are here studying from Colombia and one from Argentina. They are studying to become veterinarians, agronomists and animal scientists.  Pretty cool!!  They are all very helpful and are great friends to me.  We all take the bus every morning to work/school at INTA. So far we have cooked an asado at the house and climbed a nearby Sierra during the first weekend!

I will be here in Balcace til the end of March, and I will try to post as many fotos as I can!



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