Santa Rosa, La Pampa

Asado with the Santa Rosa team!

Hola todos!

I took a short trip to visit Lauren Svejcar, a fellow grad student (and co-recipient of AGG scholarship) and good friend in Santa Rosa, La Pampa, where she is working.  We had a great weekend exploring the shops in Santa Rosa, experiencing small-town Carnaval and enjoying a wonderful asado with Raul Peinetti, a scientist collaborating on en ecological site description project with ARS Jornada in NM.  It was wonderful to get together and see how my fellow AGG amiga was doing on the Pampa!  Enjoy the fotos!

Asado La Pampa en la casa de Raul Peinette



La ropa mojada despues de Carnaval bajo la lluvia!


We found a Carnaval festival at the fairgrounds near Santa Rosa, but all of a sudden the heavens opened up and rain poured down and lightning flashed and everyone ran for cover. But this didn’t stop Carnaval! The party continued under the gas station ramada, drummers drumming and shavnig cream flying! We were soaked (with rain and shaving cream) when we dashed through the downpour going home!

Cafe con leche....por la mañana despues de Carnaval...

Mate en la plaza


Mate en la plazaLo normal en la cocina

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