This second set of fotos of the sheep and Patagonian steppe is the research site.  It is located in Pilcaniyeu, Patagonia 2 hours southeast of Bariloche.  We deployed the collars for 2 weeks on two different groups of sheep.  The GPS locations will be assessed later, analyzing which feeding sites and landscapes the sheep preferred in each season of the year.  I assisted with summer sampling (Jan 2011).  Ovejas son lindas!

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La estepa Patagonica y Bariloche

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Hola de Argentina!

Hola todos!!

Finally I have started this blog for those of you who are not on Facebook.  As

Adelante el campo de investigacion!

most of you already know, I am doing some work in Argentina for my Master of Range Science degree. I began the Master’s program in Jan 2010 and I chose this specific program at New Mexico State University under the direction of Dr. Andrés Cibils in order to gain a better understanding of livestock grazing behavior and extend my network to Argentina, a country which I have come to love and hope to pursue more work in the future.  My Master’s project analyzes free-ranging livestock grazing behavior across different ecotypes.  We have one site in central NM (semi-arid woodland savannah), and three sites in Argentina. The sites in Argentina include analyses in Patagonian semi-arid steppe (Bariloche, Rio Negro, AR), subtropical grassland (Corrientes, AR) and temperate grassland (pampas, Buenos Aires province, AR). Each site is located at a research ranch facility managed by INTA (Instituto Nacional Tecnología Agropecuaria), kind of like the Agriculture Research Station system in the US.

I will be working at each of the sites in Argentina, rotating through each until April.  At that time, I will end my adventure here by attending the International Rangeland Congress in Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina, a professional organization dedicated to rangeland research across the globe.

I have been in Argentina since Jan 14th, beginning the adventure with close family friends in Buenos Aires.  After a week in BA, I traveled to beautiful mountain city Bariloche in northern Patagonia next to the Andes to assist with research sampling on the Patagonian site.  I am working out of the INTA station in Bariloche. It is a wonderful place to work and practice my Castellano! I have been living in a hostel called “El Gaucho” and it has been a fantastic place to live so far. I will try to post as many fotos as I can. Disfrutate! Enjoy!


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